Participating to the 13th World Congress on Brain Injury
Written by Gaëtan Klein on June 24th 2019
In March 2019, our Medical Director, Mary Pellicer MD, and our Co-Director of Research, Kirsten Lykkegaard PhD, attended the World Brain Injury Congress in Toronto to present our findings on the ISPS TBI protocol.
Mary Pellicer and Kirsten Lykkegaard at the World Congress on Brain Injury

The presentation outlined the results of 9 clients, all of whom had improvement in all of their TBI symptoms, and most of the clients had most of their TBI symptoms completely resolve.

We can see that these people TBIs came from different accidents : blunt force trauma, car accident, snowmobile accident, sport related concussion, and so on.

We hope to expand on our research results in the future as we treat more and more people and refine our treatment protocol.

The World Brain Injury Congress is the largest international gathering of professionals working in the field of brain injury. This is where leading researchers and physicians in the field of brain injury reunite to gather their findings, the latest research and treatment developments.

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Gaëtan Klein

Gaëtan Klein is a therapist specialized in traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, and addictions. As a developper for the TBI Resilience Clinic, he strive for a better spreading of breakthrough treatments to people in need.
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