About our team
We are a gathering of therapists & researchers from the fields of psychotherapy, epigenetics, and biology. As members of the Institute for the Study of Peak States of Consciousness, we were doing research on diseases of 'unknown etiology', and designing efficient treatments for various conditions, we discovered a way to make the brain resilient to mechanical damage.

Applying this discovery to traumatic brain injury, we started to see amazing results, and have spend the last years improving the process and working with more and more people through our international clinic.

While we focusing on offering a cutting-edge, highly efficient treatment for TBI, we keep doing research on other fundamental issues.
Meet the team
Karen Haworth - TBI Expert & Director of Brain Health Breakthrough
Karen Haworth is from Manchester, UK. As a TBI survivor herself, she suffered several head injuries and had to cope with very disabling symptoms for years. Her compelling story to recovery led her to use our brain resilience protocol and break free from all her disabilities.

Founder of Brain Health Breakthrough, Karen follow her purpose of helping TBI survirors thrive and not just survive.

Whatever your TBI symptoms are, Karen can relate! She is now our leading therapist and specialist on traumatic brain injury.
Nemi Nath - TBI Specialist
A former internationnaly recognized breathwork and psychotherapy trainer, Nemi Nath lives in Australia and manage her own successful clinic there.

While being on the front line of research, she devotes her time to mentoring other therapists and helping with difficult cases.
Mary Pellicer, MD - Scientific Advisor and Recovery Coach
A recognized expert in the field of traumatic brain injury, Mary is our medical go-to person, and she has helped hundreds of people in the north-west of the USA as well as through Skype.
Gaëtan Klein - Trauma Specialist
Gaëtan Klein is from France, where he is working as a specialist in the field of addictions and trauma. After having helped hundreds of people with PTSD, he now devotes his focus on developping TBI treatments.
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