Epigenetics for Traumatic Brain Injury recovery
Written by Gaëtan Klein on 1st of August 2019
Recovery from TBI is often very long and unsure. Actually, people who have lingering symptoms from TBI actually have a lack of a quality we call brain resilience.

However, everybody should have a complete brain resilience ability. It is blocked by epigenetic damages. As people don't realize it and doctors are often not trained in this new area of biology, there have been a lack of method for acquiring or enhancing brain resilience.

Luckily, while doing research on brain development, we found how to make the brain resilient and we created this surprisingly efficient protocol for TBI.

This video explains what we do in a simple way.
If you want an assessment with a specialist on how our process can help you alleviate long-lasting symptoms of TBI within 10 to 20 hours, and not having to worry about TBI afterward, then book a 30-minutes call with us (fill the survey before) here : tbiresilience.com/survey
Participating to the 13th World Congress on Brain Injury (download PDF)
Written by Gaëtan Klein on 24th July 2019
In March 2019, our Medical Director, Mary Pellicer MD, and our Co-Director of Research, Kirsten Lykkegaard PhD, attended the World Brain Injury Congress to present our findings on the ISPS TBI protocol.
World Congress on Brain Injury - Presentation on TBI Resilience by the Institute for the Study of Peak States
How Helen Coyle relieved lifelong TBI symptoms
Written by Gaëtan Klein on Feb. 4th 2019
Helen Coyle is another of our success story from when we released our brain resilience protocol for traumatic brain injury.

Here is her story...
Maika's success story with the Brain Resilience protocol
Written by Gaëtan Klein on Jan. 27th 2019
Maika Suneagle, age 59, is a caretaker who lives with his wife and 18 months old daughter in Hawaii.

He has no additionnal health problems other than those caused by his multiple head injuries.

Maika suffered 7 different accidents...
Barbara's symptom before & after the brain resilience protocol
Written by Gaëtan Klein on Jan. 5th 2019
Barbara Muncey is one of our success story we are very proud of!

As a retired, 67 years old woman living in Lancashire, UK, Barbara lives on her own and couldn't afford being dependent on somebody else.

Barbara suffered a car accident in 1984...
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