Barbara's symptom before & after the brain resilience protocol
Written by Gaëtan Klein on Jan. 5th 2019
Barbara Muncey is one of our success story we are very proud of!

As a retired, 67 years old woman living in Lancashire, UK, Barbara lives on her own and couldn't afford being dependent on somebody else.

Barbara suffered a car accident in 1984, which resulted in a traumatic brain injury. She was in a wheelchair for 6 years.

After the accident, she also had seizures and memory loss. But she was determined to walk again and regain her memory.

She found inspiration and energy in the story of her own relative : her mom. She unfortunately had bowel cancer. Though it was hard, she managed to recover enough energy so she could go back to work. So Barbara told herself : "if my mother can work, then I can walk again!"

It took her 18 months to accomplish this.

To aid her recovery, she did word searches, painting by numbers, and attended physiotherapy.

This is when she met our therapist Karen.

Karen wrote:

"When I met Barbara in May 2016, she could walk but was using a stick to get around. She was still having some falls and had lots of problems with stairs, particularly going down stairs.

In addition, she wanted to improve her memory, cognitive abilities, and confidence.

Barbara had hopes and dreams to write a book she had been thinking about for several years.

She was very excited when I told her about the TBI protocol that could help relieve her discomfort from her remaining TBI symptoms."

Here is a list of Barbara's TBI symptoms before she worked with Karen:
 - Deaf in left ear
 - Numb fingertips
 - Left arm range of motion limited to shoulder height
 - Needed a stick to walk
 - Going up and down stairs was difficult
 - Neck pain radiating into arms, caused poor sleep
 - Left sided tinnitus (ringing in the ear)
 - Poor appetite
 - Lack of confidence when writing and speaking
 - Poor memory

Then we applied our psycho-biological protocol for brain resilience. This is what Barbara wrote afterward :

"When I first went to see Karen, I could not do a lot - now I can use my amrs better, and speak my mind a lot more - got a lot of confidence. And I can also sleep a lot better. When I first went I could not hear on my left ear but I can hear now. I also stand up for myself a lot better so I like to say a big thank you to Karen."

Here are the changes in her symptoms :
 - Regained normal hearing in left ear
 - Full feelings in fingertips
 - Can move her left arm above her head and to her back
 - Walking faster, no longer needs a stick
 - More confident on stairs, now goes on an escalator
 - Neck and arm pain have resolved, sleeping is better
 - Tinnitus has resolved
 - Improved appetite
 - More confident when writing and speaking
 - Memory improved

In Barbara's own words :

"My dream was to write a book, which I've now started.

I'm enjoying walking a lot more now. I've got more confidence going up and down stairs, where before I didn't.

I'm more outgoing and more positive on a lot of things in my life.

I feel proud of myself because I've come so far.

I can now hear in my left ear, which I didn't have before.

It's great to be able to move my neck without the pain - very good."

As you can see in the follow up, several months later, these changes are stable and Barbara have been very satisfied.

Her symptoms alleviation was stable one year post treatment. We used a new version of our protocol which proved even more effective.

Barbara started treatment with Karen on the 1st of June 2016. She responded well to the protocol and it took only three sessions each taking around 90 minutes.

Gaëtan Klein

Gaëtan Klein is a therapist specialized in traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, and addictions. As a developper for the TBI Resilience Clinic, he strive for a better spreading of breakthrough treatments to people in need.
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