Maika's success story with the Brain Resilience protocol
Written by Gaëtan Klein on Jan. 27th 2019
Maika Suneagle, age 59, is a caretaker who lives with his wife and 18 months old daughter in Hawaii.

He has no additionnal health problems other than those caused by his multiple head injuries.

Here is the list of Maika's traumatic injuries:
 - 3 years old: Fell down a flight of 12 stairs and broke his collarbone
 - 7 years old: Ran into a 4x4 post and momentarily lost consciousness
 - 17 years old: Hit in the head with a club - laceration needed 13 stitches
 - 18 years old: Hit a tree in a car accident and lost consciousness, had many head, face and body injuries but no broken bones
 - 21 years old: Fell off of a moving motorcycle and broke his back
 - 46 years old: Fell down a mountain cliff, had many head and body injuries
 - 48 years old: Fell and hit his head losing consciousness, he's had serious brain and boy problems since

Maika's life changed dramatically after his last injury 10 years ago because of how much function he had lost.

This is what his therapist, Karen, wrote:

"When I met Maika, he was physically fit, yet complaned of a lack of energy, headaches and pain down his neck. His other symptoms were more cognitive. He had also lost the ability to sense when he was hungry and thirsty.

My first impression was that Maika was intelligent but struggled to access his knowledge and memory and respond to situations with appropriate speed. Also striking was the blank emotionlessness of his expressions and personality.

Maika was working as a caretaker, a job he could manage. He had hopes and dreams of setting up his own business as a coach, something he used to do before his accident 10 years ago that had caused his life to change so dramatically.

He said that last accident 'affected my cognitive abilities and my life was over as I knew it.' He also said he didn't feel like a normal human being. He described a loss of self and a feeling of disorientation of self.

Maika had tried holistic treatments, for example, cranial sacral therapy. He felt this had helped with regaining some of his energy levels."

Here are his symptoms before we worked with him:
 - Severe memory problems
 - Blurred vision
 - Sensitivity to light and noise
 - Severe fatigue
 - Persistent headache and neck pain
 - Slowness in thinking, speaking and reading
 - Depression
 - Very poor sleep
 - Easily distracted
 - Loss of sense of smell and taste

Then, what Karen wrote about his progression of improvements:

"Maika's symptoms changed slowly week by week. His first TBI symptoms to improve were his headaches and the pain down his neck. Following taht was the waking up of his emotions and awareness of himself.

Maika's energy came back and he found he was able to do more of his day to day activities. His memory improved. However, when the protocol was complete, he was still struggling to access all of his memory as well as more of his cognitive and intellectual abilities."

Here is the list of symptoms afterward:
 - Improved memory
 - No change in blurred vision
 - Decreased sensitivity to light and noise
 - Fatigue much improved
 - Headache and neck pain nearly gone
 - More able to think, speak and read at speed
 - Depression improved
 - Sleep nearly normal
 - Much less distractible
 - Sense of smell and taste did not return

This is was Maika wrote to us:

"There have been dramatic changes in my life. I started to get inspired, am able to remember better, process emotions better and that helped my relationship with my wife. Through the process, things started to change... I created a business and did the paperwork. I would have been unable to think about doing that before this process. I also began to learn German, I could not have done that before this process, my brain could not process it."

As a conclusion, Maika's ability to funciton shifted dramatically to the point that he is setting up a coaching business.

His impressive cognitive improvement has made it possible for him to move to Europe with his family and start learning a new language.

Maika regained his sense of his self and is beginning to feel like a normal human being again.

Some of his symptoms haven't shifted though he said "I am excited about my life again'"

Maika worked with Karen on the TBI protocol from March 15th until July 12th of 2017. He had a total of 11 sessions. The first two were 3 hours long, and the following 9 sessions lasted 90 minutes. Maike responded well ; because of his extensive trauma history, there were many layers to heal.

Gaëtan Klein

Gaëtan Klein is a therapist specialized in traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, and addictions. As a developper for the TBI Resilience Clinic, he strive for a better spreading of breakthrough treatments to people in need.
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