How Helen Coyle relieved lifelong TBI symptoms
Written by Gaëtan Klein on Feb. 4th 2019
Helen Coyle is another of our success story from when we released our brain resilience protocol for traumatic brain injury.

Helen was 53 years old, living in New South Wales, in Australia. She works one day at a week as a kitchen staff.

Here is her story.

Helen's mother had blunt force trauma injuries while she was pregnant with Helen. Helen may have had some brain injuries from birth although she has never been formally diagnosed.

She has been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Her therapist, Aneta wrote these notes:

"Helen has been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Before the TBI Resilience protocl, she experienced a lot of difficulty with communication. She found it hard to follow spoken and written instructions.

When people first met her, they assumed she had a learning disability because of her slurred speech and poor balance while walking.

Helen was very eager and ready for the treatment and looking forward to how this would change her life. She responded well to the protocol and was amazed by the results."

Helen's list of symptoms from TBI:
 - Difficulty understanding verbal & written instructions
 - Difficulty with concentration, attention and focus
 - Problems with mood swings
 - Cloudy thinking, not logical or connected
 - Slurred speed
 - Poor balance & coordination
 - Impaired sense of self
 - Poor self-esteem
 - Memory problems
 - Social isolation with shame and guilt

Helen started treatment with Aneta in September 2017. She responded well to the treatment and the process was finished after only 2 sessions taking around 90 minutes each. This is unusual but does happen.

Here are how the symptoms changed:
 - Improved understanding of verbal & written instructions
 - Improved concentration, attention & focus
 - No change in mood swings
 - Thinking is now clear and cohesive
 - Slurred speech is gone
 - Improved balance, able to walk normally
 - Massive improvement in her sense of self
 - Improved self-esteem, interacting with confidence
 - Massive improvement in memory
 - Social isolation with shame and guilt is much less

This is her testimonial:

"The one thing that keeps coming back to me about the process is that the slur in my speech has gone. It used to make people think I was mentally challenged when I was not in the first place! As a result of the process, my speech is clearer and the slur is gone from speech."

In conclusion, the protocol was successful in eliminating or reducing symptoms present since birth.

Helen gained unexpected benefits. The improvement in her ability to handle emotions surprised her. The protocol was effective in improving symptoms across multiple symptom categories : physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral.

She said "I was amazed by the results !"

The fact that all of her symptoms were not completely gone motivates us to still improve our techniques.

Gaëtan Klein

Gaëtan Klein is a therapist specialized in traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, and addictions. As a developper for the TBI Resilience Clinic, he strive for a better spreading of breakthrough treatments to people in need.
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