Brain Resilience, a Holistic Recovery Process for Traumatic Brain Injury
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Brain Resilience, the ability of the brain to repair itself, goes way beyond neuro-plasticity
We deliver real, mesurable results in your recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury within just a few weeks, guaranteed!
We eliminate your TBI symptoms or you do not pay. See our Pay-for-Results policy.
See how we alleviate or eliminate TBI symptoms and allowed these people to get their brain back with our unique epigenetic 'Brain Resilience' process :
Get a personalized assessment of how much we can repair your brain and alleviate your symptoms, and a complimentary call with our specialized clinic therapists.
We use the Cambridge Brain Science Assessment for TBI as a third-party validation method to measure objective changes before and after the process. This scientifically recognized tool is backed by +25 years of scientific research and is one of the most widely used measurement tool, used in more than 300 peer-reviewed studies.

15 fun and varied tasks to assess for cognitive function:
What is Brain Resilience?
If you have received care after a concussion or a brain injury, you have probably been told you needed a lot of time and rehabilitation efforts for neuro-plasticity to allow your brain to compensate for the damage.

But nothing has been done about the damage itself.

Neuro-plasticity is a wonderful ability, but if you still have not recovered from TBI a year after, that is not because your brain is lazy, but because the damage remained and you have a lack of brain resilience, the ability of the brain to repair itself.
Let's think about it. If 10 people would receive the same impact on the head, at the same strenght and the same angle, they should have the same damage, right ?

What actually happens, is that most people will either be :
- slightly injured & will recover quickly ; or...
- slightly injured & will need more time to recover ; or...
- seriously injured & will never really recover...
What is really interesting, a lucky few will have no symptoms at all. They recover completely, as if nothing bad happened to them. And they do nothing for it.

The reason for it is because they have a high brain resilience to mechanical damages, a quality of the brain acquired during pre-birth biological development.

Therefore, if you suffer from TBI, that is because you have a lack of Brain Resilience!
The unique Peak State Brain Resilience Process
The Brain Resilience process is an advanced psycho-biological process that maximizes your brain's blocked ability to repair itself.

Did you know that your brain has amazing abilities secretly hidden deep within your gene pool?

We have found that Total Brain Resilience is seldom found in people because of specific epigenetic damages.
By repairing them, we allow the brain to unlock its potential, and especially total brain resilience. In short, its ability to repair itself is enhanced so deeply that people with TBI experience a complete rebuilding of brain tissues.

The Brain Resilience process is :
  • Advanced: We repair epigenetic damages linked to the early development of the brain to make it extremley resilient
  • Simple: We use psychological-like techniques to access and repair specific genes, and it is very simple to do
  • Fast: On average, the treatment takes 10 to 20 hours to get permanent results - That means within 1 to 3 months, you can be TBI-free!
  • Non-Invasive: We do not use surgery or medication, but a innocuous and simple psycho-biological technique.
  • Efficient on all forms of TBI: We do not target symptoms one-by-one, but work on the whole brain to make it totally resilient. Hence, the Brain Resilience process is efficient on all / any symptoms.
  • Compatible with any other treatment: You can do the Brain Resilience process while continuing any other rehab treatment. Expect to get surprisingly fast and deep results.
  • ​Safe: There is no side-effect and this process is very safe.
  • Led by a highly-skilled therapist: Our team of profesionnal has received an extensive training and has years of experience. We make it fun and simple to work with us!
The only Pay-for-Results policy in TBI rehab treatments
How confident are we that we can eliminate your symptoms?

We are at 100%. Because we trust our Brain Resilience to be the deepest and most efficient treatment for traumatic brain injury, and we feel that you should not pay if you do not get results, we guarantee the process will work for you.

All of our contracts are based on this Pay-for-Results policy.
What would a better working brain do for you?
  • Move: Retrieve a high capacity of movement, go where you want to go, dance, run, and feel alive.
  • Remember: What is life without memory? It is an essentiel part of ourselves, and you deserve to get your memory back.
  • Communicate: Our relationship are a gift! Too often does TBI take away our ability to communicate with others and leaves us isolated, misunderstood, and alone.
  • Have Energy: Neuro-fatigue is a common result of TBI. With a better working brain, expect to regain a lot of energy!
  • Focus & Work: If your TBI made you unable to focus and perform normal tasks maybe you had to leave your job. Get better and go back to enjoying doing things.
  • Relieve anger, depression, anxiety and other negative emotions: Brain damage is a difficult condition to adapt to, if even possible. Negative emotions, lack of motivation, and ressentment, are understandable. But also alleviable.
  • Get your life back: Too often do we see that brain injury takes the person's life away. Though you should be acknowledged for your courage to overcoming this handicap, it is time to get rid of it and get your life back!
Do you want to know how Brain Resilience works and how we can help YOU alleviate symptoms from TBI ?
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