Brain Resilience
Holistic Recovery Process for Traumatic Brain Injury
Real-life TBI recovery stories
If you wonder what our TBI Resilience process results are in real life, here are some video testimonials from our past clients :
Our therapist Karen Haworth interviews Julie Pomerleau from Québec who had a few hard head injuries including whiplash.

These accidents had left her with several TBI symptoms including tiredness, inability to work or taking care of her kids well, difficulty finding words and isolation.

Here is what she says about working with Karen...
Before becoming a therapist, Karen Haworth was suffering from life-long TBI symptoms which made her feel different. Her compassion and search for ways to improve human well-being led her to learn many techniques, like meditation or rebirth.

She was one of the first person to try our process for TBI and found it so life-changing that she decided to get certified in our techniques and promote recovery to other people with TBI.
Maika Suneagle had very serious symptoms from TBI after suffering several concussions. His memory was impaired, he had light and noise sensitivity, bad sleep, headache and neck pain, and difficulties reading and speaking.

Despite having being searching for solutions for a long time, he was still unable to work and have the life he wanted when we met him.

After doing our TBI Resilience process, his symptoms resolved and he was able to start a business and learn a new language.

This is the short version of his interview by Dr Mary Pellicer, and you can find a 1-hour version here :
Sukh had severe migraines bothering him several times a day. He was told they were from "unknown origins" though he suspected it was a minor form of TBI.

He decided to try to process and his daily migraines went away...
And you can download 4 case studies with TBI symptoms description and detailed results : click here to download pdf

In the video below, Karen Haworth interviews Dr Mary Pellicer about how the TBI protocol is different to the current medical model :
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